Life at Emali
2~4 years


“Children see magic because they look for it.”

~ Christopher Moore

Growth through exploration

At this age your toddler is starting to form connections based on how they can manipulate and influence their world through mental actions, not just through physical interactions. Mental actions include thinking, learning, and problem solving.

Your child's brain is also beginning to understand that other people can have a different perspective to them. Learning what empathy is as they start forming close friendships in child care Adelaide. Brain development at this age must support healthy social-emotional connections and self-regulation, which positively sets your child up academically for the preschool years and beyond.

Here’s what a day looks like!

6:30 ~ 8:00AM

Organic Breakfast

Nothing like starting the day with a freshly prepared and mostly organic breakfast

8:00 ~ 9:30AM

Planned Activities

Arriving full of beans, let's get our hands dirty and some of that energy burnt up!


Morning Tea

Keeping them fuelled with nutritious snacks and culturally inclusive ingredients

10:30 ~ 11:30AM

Indoor/Outdoor Play

Babies need physical activity to promote healthy development that support a healthy and active lifestyle later in life.



More freshly prepared and locally sourced nutrition


Sleep, rest and relaxation

Quality relaxation time also helps to promote reflection, creativity, independence and mindfulness.


Afternoon Tea

More nutritious goodies!


Planned Experiences & Play

Keeping your little-one stimulated with playful activities designed to promote development


Late Snack

Really? More food!? Yes! These little ones get a very generous 5 servings of mostly organic food every day!


Pick Up! Yay

It's time to wrap your little-one up in a big warm hug and wrap up their little journey to face another day of fun tomorrow.

Learning to connect, explore & create

As children are born with 100 billion brain cells which are pruned to ~86 billion by age 4 years, these two years are critical to setting up a strong foundation for their cognitive, emotional and physical development for life.

Learning to empathise
Thinking, planning and creating experiments
Encouragement to ask questions
Language, literacy & numeracy
Unstructured physical play

Discover everything you need to know about our holistic curriculum

Our daughter started at Emali Underdale in 2021. We are so pleased with the class sizes and the amazing staff. The educators don’t just look after the children, they also ensure the families have all the support they need. We can’t speak highly enough of Emali Underdale

Vanessa & Amrit

Emali Underdale

See what a another day at Emali looks like...

Every step of a childs development is as unique as they are! See below the special journey each little one goes on each day at Emali.

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