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Advanced and holistic early learning for your child's brightest future.

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Childcare Centre Campbelltown

We provide a wide range of learning opportunities to ensure all children’s participation, strengths and abilities are valued.

Operating hours
Childcare Centre Opening soon!

It is with great excitement that we have started to build a new, inspiring and purpose-built early learning centre in Campbelltown, planned to open Spring 2024!

Arrivals & Departures

Pick up is between 6.30am and 6.30pm children can be picked up and dropped off at the parents convenience.

We promote multiculturalism and kindness

By providing a multicultural menu, celebrating cultural events and catering to all children’s needs, we model kindness and inclusivity towards all families and children.

Highly qualified and passionate educators

It can't be stated enough. Not only are our educators highly trained but they are passionate about seeing children flourish and support them being their brightest.

Outdoor play and sensory spaces!

With an edible garden, exciting bike track and dedicated sensory space designed by specialist occupational therapists, children can immerse themselves in learning experiences.

Emali Early Learning Centre Campbelltown

Safety, play, inclusive community

At Campbelltown we provide a wide range of Child Care learning opportunities to ensure all children’s participation, strengths and abilities are valued. We acknowledge multiculturalism by provide a multicultural menu, catering to all children’s needs, we model kindness towards all families and children, and we have created a cultural environment free of bias which we encourage to develop each child’s identity. We pride ourselves on our hardworking, enthusiasm educators that help scaffold a safe, secure and supportive learning environment for all children.

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Highly trained & passionate educators

All staff have a diploma or Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and also are required to be have up to date first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis, and CPR certifications.

Noah started care at Emali Hectorville (Now Campbelltown) when he was 10 months old. Noah's educators have been very caring and supportive to his growth and development, and he receives a lot of love and support whilst at care. Noah always looks forward to his childcare days to explore new experiences, visit the birds and play with his friends.I'd like to thank our Emali family for supporting Noah as he learns more about himself, his community, and the world that he lives in.




Regular hygiene checks & cleaning

We're over the top when it comes to health & hygiene. Since COVID we have tripled down on measures to ensure the safety of our children, families and staff.

Fresh, organic & nutritious food daily

Whatever specific needs or limitations your child may have, we maintain an inclusive menu that supports a thoroughly nutritious diet for everyone . All our meals are culturally sensitive and mostly organic!

Education that evolves with your child

With our Growth Mindset approach with underpinning Early Learning Years Framework our programs are rigid static structures but rather flexible and tailored approaches to each child's unique development needs.

See What a Day Looks Like at Emali

Every step of a childs development is as unique as they are! See below the special journey each little one goes on each day at Emali.

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