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“The best way to make children good is to make them happy”

~ Oscar Wilde

Witness your little one flourish

At Emali Adelaide child care we’re focused on leading SA in a holistic approach to early learning with state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained educators to support your child into their brightest future!


Arrive each day with a warm welcome & highly secure check-in/check-out

Security and a sense of belonging are the cornerstone of a flourishing family. Our highly secure check in/check out will give you peace of mind that your child is in safe hands every day.

Secure check-in/check-out
Community & support for parents

Activities & adventures

We strive to make every day an adventure at Emali. With regular excursions, incursions and planned activities, our children are always engaged in activities that promote their ongoing development.

See What a Day Looks Like at Emali

Every step of a childs development is as unique as they are! See below the special journey each little one goes on each day at Emali.

We absolutely love Emali! They’re like family for us. The care consideration and attention to detail means a lot to our family and we are really happy we found it for our 2 children.


Prospect Parent

Our Staff

All staff & educators are highly trained and that includes our cooks and cleaners!

Long-term & consistent staff

A large percentage of our educators and staff have been with Emali for many years. A low turn-over rate gives children stability and consistency.

High levels of attention per child

Ensuring there is always a high ratio of educators for each child enables us to give every child the necessary focus and attention for the nurturing they deserve.

Education standards & screening

Every Emali staff has a minimum of Diploma or Certificate 3 in Childhood Early Childhood and have gone through comprehensive background and police checks.

Team Diversity

As our communities are full of diverse cultures and languages so is our wonderful Emali team! This gives children a rich variety of experiences.

On-going training & support

We are forever learning and upgrading our skills and knowledge to better support our team, children and parents.

Co2 monitors & chemical safe paint

We're over the top when it comes to health & hygiene. Since COVID we have tripled down on measures to ensure the safety of our children, families and staff.


Holistic programs that evolve with your child

A holistic and nurturing approach to early learning for Australia's little-ones

Our vision is to create resilient and confident children who will be Australia's great future.

Our directors, teachers and educators are focused on providing children with individualised learning experiences that are driven by the individual educational needs of each child.

We use a model of learning that is built on the science of natural brain development, setting the right foundations for learning whilst developing the social and emotional capacity of young children. We do this by engaging our children in individually guided play-based learning experiences underpinned by the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in alignment with a child’s sensorimotor and brain development.

Supporting culturally diverse relationships and sustainable practices

Each centre works hard to create a community connection through celebrations, cultural events and environmental support initiatives. The kinds of activities that are incorporated into the program are: stories, rhymes, music, clothes and foods. These are the things that will help children acknowledge different cultures and religions.

At Emali we understand that children’s choices and actions today, can make the world a better place, and the habits they form now will help the world for decades to come. We educate our children on the importance of caring for the environment and inspire them to make a difference in their world. Whether we are planting an extra tree, recycling, or donating to charities, our Earth Warrior individual efforts add up.

Improving cognitive ability, cultural awareness and social skills with languages

Different centres might have language learning such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Kaurna and even some indigenous practices! These languages are especially picked to reflect the community they are in, especially the languages that are taught at the surrounding schools.

Learning additional languages can increase critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility in young children in the future. We also explore the cultures behind the languages, to expand children’s understanding of other cultures and societies.

Instilling physical health habits for a better life

Establishing healthy physical habits has a long list of well established benefits. We are continually improving our sports programs and endeavour to keep them exciting and engaging.

Some of the benefits:

  • Reduced risk of obesity and many other diseases
  • Healthy growth of bones and muscles
  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Improved personal skills, including cooperation and leadership
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

Make every day an adventure!

At Emali we love to give children immersive learning experiences that provoke the children's imagination. We do this through excursions, incursions and events in partnership with our community. Keeping it fun and hands on keeps children engaged, learning and improving their development.


  • The South Australian Museum
  • Family Days
  • Animal Petting Zoos
  • Bush Kindy Excursions
  • Dress up Days

Discover everything you need to know about our holistic curriculum


Colourful variety of deliciously prepared food every day!

Our certified in-house cooks prepare fresh and mostly organic meals five times per day. We source mostly local ingredients where we can and our bread is specifically made just for Emali to help reduce inflammation and harmful ingredients for our little-ones.

Whatever specific needs or limitations your child may have, we maintain an inclusive menu that supports a thoroughly nutritious diet for everyone . All our meals are culturally inclusive and mostly organic!

Mostly organic, freshly prepared meals daily
Locally sourced ingredients

Community & support

Emali is a family. We thrive on being involved with and supporting our community. A child's well-being is strongly tied to the health of their wider community. For this reason, we continue to spread the Emali spark well beyond our walls.

Health & Safety

Health & safety are the foundation of growth

Our centres our built and maintained with the children's sensitive health and safety in mind

When each centre is built, we have taken into account the sensitive bodies and nervous systems of children and ensured wherever we can, low or no chemical solutions are used.

We carry out daily and weekly routine Health & Hygiene checks. These routine checks are conducted by staff which include the cleaning of the centre and sterilising the toys. The strict practices of hygiene that we adhere to allow us to minimise the risk of cross infection.

  • Marmoleum flooring (read more here)
  • No harsh chemicals in paint (Low HOC or no VOC)
  • PH Neutral cleaning products & kept as natural as possible

Allergy safe 'triple check' process

Every child has an allergy action plan form completed before joining Emali so we can adequately meet the needs of every child with full confidence.

We have a three step process to serve meals to children. The cook will prepare and sign off on meal, educator sitting with the child signs off, and then the supervisor signs off on the meal. Children with allergies are also served visually similar meals to the other children to ensure a sense of inclusivity.

Strictly adhered to medication administering processes

Staff at Emali are all trained to administer medication to the children and to ensure suitable procedures are undertaken during the administration process.

All staff at Emali are trained in First Aid

Our policy dictates that all staff are trained in First Aid, asthma and anaphylaxis, and CPR certifications. All staff are trained in Responding to Abuse and Neglect and Food Safety. This includes not only the educators but our cooks and cleaners.

A fully equipped first aid box is maintained frequently at each centre in a variety of localities.

Despite having adequate supervision and monitoring equipment, accidents do happen. If your child has an accident at the centre, staff and management will take every necessary action to provide appropriate first aid measures and record the event leading up to the injury to help us potentially further prevent similar accidents in the future.

Slip, slop, slap!

Children at Emali must wear a hat during outdoor play. Sunscreen is provided by the centre and is reapplied at regular intervals throughout the day.

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